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Extra Electrical Points / Sockets

Too many electrical appliances and not enough plug sockets?

It’s a common problem, along with having enough plug sockets but all of them being in the same part of the same room.

Our use of technology and electrical equipment has grown rapidly in the last decade and continues to gather pace at an alarming speed. At the same time, many of us still live in houses that were designed for the days when a TV, video recorder and Hi-Fi were likely to be the only things we needed to plug in on a regular basis.

Rather than having to trail cables across floors, or buy four socket extension leads that feed into an original socket, you are likely to be safer and happier installing additional sockets where you need them most.

Assured Electrical will do this for you. We will advise on where to place the sockets, and install and test them making sure that they are safe to use.

Additional Lighting

Another feature of modern day living is the increased number of things we use individual rooms in our homes for.

Bedrooms become studies, lofts become storage areas, garages become bedrooms, and cellars and other spaces become games rooms.

As you change or expand the use of rooms, you may need to add additional lighting or reposition existing lighting to make sure it does the job it’s now needed for.

Assured Electrical will install additional lighting in any room you need it. We will advise on what type of lighting is suitable, and whether to upgrade or replace any existing lighting.

All our work is fully tested and guaranteed for 12 months and fitted to comply with all safety standards and electrical installation requirements.

Electrical Breakdown and Electrics Fault Finding

When electrical equipment breaks down it can be mildly annoying or a major inconvenience.

Sometime the fault can be obvious and easy to repair.

Sometimes it can be a complete mystery, and even if you do have an idea what’s gone wrong, working out what to do about it can be almost impossible to do on your own.

For those faults that you can’t solve yourself, and for those ones where you want the peace of mind of knowing a problem can be put right quickly and safely, contact Assured Electrical.

Based on the type of fault, and the level of disruption it’s causing you, we will arrange a time to visit, investigate and resolve the problem, using our knowledge as fully qualified electricians with over twenty five years experience in all kinds of electrical work.

All of our work is guaranteed for at least twelve months, and we make sure that the system is tested, so we can be sure that we have found the right solution and the full solution to the problem before we leave.

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