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Garden Lighting and Power

Do you want to light up your garden, and make it a feature of your house?

Do you want the additional security of a well lit garden in the evening?

Are you planning an outdoor event for the summer?

Do you want somewhere you can sit out late in the evenings and relax, when the weather doesn’t let you down?

Whatever you may need garden lighting for, however long you may need it, and however much of it you need, Assured Electrical are the company to come to. We can install a garden lighting system tailored to your needs either to fully illuminate your garden or highlight it’s best features.

In most cases, legal regulations mean that you have to use a registered electrician such as ourselves to install your garden lighting. In any case, a professional installation will bring with the extra peace of mind that comes from our safety guarantees, as well as the speed and ease with which we can fit lighting that is effective and unobtrusive.

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