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Fuse box upgrades

Are you planning extensive alteration or improvement projects?

Do you have an old property, with an old style bulky fuse box, that looks unappealing or may no longer be safe?

Do you want to bring all fuses boxes and wiring together to improve the appearance of your property and make sure all electrical systems are safe and reliable?

A modern consumer unit offers a far improved level of electrical safety compared with what was installed 30 years ago. Usually there is no need to disrupt the electrical wiring within the property and this sort of upgrade can be carried with the minimum of upheaval to the home owner. When considering the increased protection against electric shock and the reduced risk of an electrical fire, this small investment can go a long way.

You need a fully qualified electrician to carry out this work both to comply with building regulations and to give you peace of mind that the new consumer unit and all electrical circuits are safe.

Assured Electrical can advise on the safety of existing fuse boxes, and install a modern consumer unit. We can advise on the range of options available and recommend a consumer unit that meets your needs.

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